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On 7 May 2019, I started sending weekly email notes on strategy for creating the society we deserve.

Here you can read the strategy notes I've already sent and see some of the topics scheduled to come. Please recognize the list of not-yet-sent topics as tentative. I'll feel free to change them.

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2019-05-07: What strengths do we have in the United States?

We people of the United States benefit from many strengths.

We have a large country with many kinds of land -- from semi-tropical in Florida to arctic in Alaska.

We have a large population with many kinds of people representing most of the ethnicities and cultures of the world.

We live in many ways -- from piled on top of each other in our coastal cities to scattered miles from each other on our interior plains.

Some of us descended from ancestors who originally settled this land thousands of years ago. Some of our people arrived more recently -- in many different conditions and from many homelands.

We have a wide range of attitudes and beliefs. Most of us have a capacity for cooperativeness and for orneriness.

In short, we have the strengths of humanity in general.

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2019-05-13: Four big problems face the United States

Four big problems face the United States The people of the United States face many problems at the moment. Four of them seem the most dangerous.

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