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We deserve a society in which everybody thrives, in which all humans (everywhere on this planet and anywhere else we may live) cooperate in freedom and peace. That long-range goal can happen, but it might take decades to achieve. More precisely than that, we cannot now predict. It might take 35 years or 20 or 200.

We start by growing an effective movement here in North Carolina. We have a base to build on here. As a result of long, steady work, North Carolina has lots of progressive individuals and groups active on many issues. These efforts have developed strengths and won victories.

Think how much more strength we would have if we all worked together, each working primarily on their own efforts but spending some time supporting other concerns.

And so forth.

Russell Herman seeks to foster that sort of mutual support and solidarity, to help our various groups to think of themselves as part of a larger movement. Then we all can give strength to and draw strength from the movement.

He initiated this website as one project in encouraging cooperation among movement organizations in North Carolina. He also:


He has done this work full time since 1994 (and evenings and weekends for 25 years before then).

Gifts from people like you support this work. You can find ways to contribute here.

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