Latest changes on this site

2019 June 18: Added today's Strategy Note to "Strategy notes" under "Resources".

2019 May 13: Added "Strategy notes" under "Resources".

2019 April 24: Updated the "Subscribe" button to reflect the plan to send roughly weekly messages starting 7 May 2019.

2017 January 8: Added "Working papers" under "Resources".

2016 December 25: Added a review of three books on contradictions in and collapse of capitalistic economies (in "Book reviews, etc." under "Resources").

2016 December 19: Added a review of three books offering frameworks for thinking about strategy (in "Book reviews, etc." under "Resources").

2016 November 19: Added a review of "How Organizations Develop Activists" in "Book reviews, etc." (under "Resources").

2016 November 19: Added a section to the Donate page on leaving a gift via your will.

2016 November 9: Added the Subscribe page to let visitors join my email list. Also updated the Privacy Policy to reflect the new use of Mailchimp for the Subscribe form.

2016 March 24: Added the "Metacognitive Reading Strategies Bookmark" to the Resources.

2015 February 4: Added a few groups to the list of NC organizations.

2015 January 20: Added an option to donate Bitcoin on the Donate page.

2014 March 26: In "Book reviews, etc." (under "Resources") I added a review of "The Contradictions of 'Real Socialism'."

2014 February 25: Updated the "Privacy" page. Removed the "Calendar" page (and the buttons which linked to it) because I had not kept it up to date.

2013 December 17: Updated the Donate page with new links for online BillPay services and a clarified explanation of how to contribute anonymously.

2012 October 9: Updated the Donate page with new links for online BillPay services.

2012 February 24: Added instructions for anonymous gifts to Donate page.

2011 December 24: Because the list of NC organizations gets so much use, I promoted it to a main menu button. I removed the "Connect" button (which invited folks to send their contact info to organizations working on topics they selected) until I can automate it better so it does not require so much volunteer time.

2011 August 24: The calendar began automatically including events from the calendar of the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

2011 July 31: In "Book reviews, etc." (under "Resources") I added a review of "A New New Deal."

2011 June 12: "Resources" got two new pages: "Book reviews, etc." and "Suggestions for organizing well in NC". The navigation menus in the header and footer got revised. This "Latest Changes" page and the box on the home page linking to it got added.

2011 February 12: I launched this site by handing out 1018 cards about it to participants at the fifth Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) march and rally.

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