How to help fund this work

You have multiple ways to contribute:

  1. Set up a regular automatic gift.
  2. Write a check.
  3. Contribute online.
  4. Contribute anonymously.
  5. Leave a gift in your will.

1. Set up a regular automatic gift. A monthly check sent automatically by your financial institution makes it easy for you, allows most people to give more than they could in a single annual gift, and provides reliable support for this work.

Most financial institutions offer such a service without charge, especially if you have online access to your account. Go to your institutions's website and search for "BillPay".

Here you'll find links to online instructions for setting up such recurring payments with a few institutions that supporters have used:

Set up the gifts on a schedule that works well for you. Most people set them to happen on the same day each month, for instance. You can cancel or change the arrangement whenever you want.

Instruct your financial institution to make the checks payable to "Russell Herman" and mail them to P.O. Box 10233, Raleigh, NC 27605-0233.

If your financial institution gives you any problem in setting up your regular gift and you can't get them to solve it, please let me know. I have no magical power over financial institutions, but sometimes I can help in finding a solution.

2. Write a check to "Russell Herman" and mail it to P.O. Box 10233, Raleigh, NC 27605-0233.

3. To contribute online via PayPal use any of the buttons below.

I would like to donate $1,000

I would like to donate $500

I would like to donate $250

I would like to donate $100

I would like to donate $50

I would like to choose my own amount.

4. Contribute anonymously. Some people prefer to make their contributions anonymous (as a spiritual discipline or for other reasons). I welcome such gifts and try to respect donors' wishes for anonymity.

If you want to contribute while concealing your identity from me, you can do so by getting a cashier's check from your financial institution made out to "Russell Herman" and mailing it to Russell Herman, P.O. Box 10233, Raleigh, NC 27605-0233. Please take care to address the envelope correctly and legibly and to apply sufficient postage. Without a return address, a misaddressed envelope cannot return to you.

If the check and envelope do not contain any information identifying you (such as your name or account number), your anonymity should remain safe. Though I will have much curiosity about your identity, I have so far kept myself from seriously seeking to identify anonymous donors. Contributing anonymously, however, means you will not get thank-you notes or reports about my work.

5. Leave a gift via your will. This work of building a strong movement in North Carolina will need to continue for decades. By leaving a gift in your will, you can help it happen.

If you use a lawyer to prepare or revise your will, simply explain to her or him what you want to do. If you prepare or revise your own will, you might include a statement like "I give [X amount of dollars or X percent of my estate] to Luther Russell Herman, Jr." You can also word it to only take effect if funds remain after your gifts to family members or others. Of course, you can always change your will if your circumstances or preferences change.

Whether you write your will or you have a lawyer help you with it, make sure the person you designate to execute your will knows how to contact me. You could do that by including my postal address (P.O. Box 10233, Raleigh, North Carolina 27605-0233) and other contact methods such as the URL of this website ( in your will.

If you include a gift to me in your will, I'd definitely like to know about it but I don't have to know. Feel free to let me know in advance or to let me learn about your helpful decision when your executor contacts me.

However you decide to handle it, please know that your gift will help continue strengthening our movement in North Carolina. You will help create a better world for others.

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